Greentree Web3D - FAQ

Mar 14, 2014
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1. What is the Greentree Web announcement about?

It's a new version of Greentree that allows you to access the software on any device through a web browser from anywhere.

2. What is the benefit of using Greentree through an Internet browser?

This new version will give you flexibility and freedom to access the software from anywhere anytime.  You will be able to use a iphone, ipad any device that can access the internet to log into Greentree.  For people who aren't desk based, for example CEO's, sales and service people they will have access to the most up to date information on customers, finance and the business in general.  Being able to answer customer and other stakeholders questions when they are asked is now becoming  the expectation of most people.

3. Greentree is available remotely now, why is this any different?

At the moment there are some modules in Greentree that run over a browser, however they aren't built to run on any device and they don't support touch rather than a mouse interface.  With this new version the moduels will be configurable and allow you to tailor them to suit your needs.  The Web3D release is an entire application being delivered over any device through the internet.

4. What about the Cloud?

Greentree does run in a Cloud at the moment, however a specific environment must be setup and managed.  With Web3D the design will be ideally suited for running in a Cloud environment.  Your business will have the choice of running in on locally managed servers just as effectivly.

5. Why now?

The Greentree International focus has been driven by clients up until recently and with that focus the work has been in generating functionality to support high volume and complex business requirements.  Greentree carried out some market research a while ago and decided that it was time to lead the market and hence came up with the WEb3D project, now customers will get a fully functional ERP and the choice to access high performing software any place any time.

6. When should be plan for this?

Greentree will be starting to roll out functionality in late 2014.   We need to explain what the soft landing strategy that Greentree have introduced means to you.  Soft landing is all about allowing clients to easily and progressively utilise the new capabilities of Web3D alongside their existing system.  to minimise any distrubtion to our clients business we can introduce new functionality incrementally.  It's important to understand that this will be an upgrade to your existing system, there is no data conversion process.

7.  Is this a new product?

No, this is a new version that adds substantial new capabilities and additional functionality.  Modules from this new version will co-exist with your existing Greentree application, this is good news as you can choose what modules in the new version.

8. Will this upgrade be provided under my existing Greentree International Maintenance?

The pricing model for Web3D Software hasn't been released yet, however our understanding is that there will be a cost associated with the new functionality.   Endeavour as a service provider will charge on a time and material basis for services to design, develop, implement and train on new Web3D solutions as Business Managers rethink and improve business processes.

9. What if I don't want to change to this new version?

Greentree are putting you in a great position.  By producing this new version they are protecting the investment in systems you have made to date.  Greentree themselves have made a huge investment to bring these new capabilities to their clients.  Your business will be able to take advantage of all that new technology advancements without having to take out an old system and go through the process and time of putting in a new application.

10. Well what if I want my office based people to stay on the current system?

It's your choice as to who uses what functionality.  You can provide the new version to specific people or roles, the idea is that there is as little disruption to the organisation as possible.

11.  We don't think having access on a browser is that important at the moment, are there any other advantages?

Yes, there are additional benefits.  Fundamentally with new technology your Greentree screens will be more user friendly simpler.  That includes supporting touch devices, high resolution graphics to enrich the experience and cameras and scanning.  For example, your service person in the field could take a picture with their device and attach it to a service request that ‘s immediately available to all people with access to Greentree.....

In addition you will be able to personalise the user interface for individual people, groups and teams, making it more in tune with their roles, and in many cases to make the complex simple.

The data entry performance  over your wide area network.  To get a high level of performance a complex set of technologies is required, with Web3D all that is needed is a browser and internet connection.

12. Will entering data in Greentree using a browser by slow comparatively?

This is an important question and an area where Greentree have been investing a significant amount of effort. As an idea Greentree International have invested three years of research and development already to ensure there is a high performance foundation in place.

13. How will we operate for people that have unreliable internet access?

They can access a browser without having to use a remote internet connection.  The internet can be accessed through a LAN and a WAN in a number of ways.

14. This sounds great, why are they releasing information before there is software?

Greentree International have a proven track record for delivery of software since 1984.  We need to give our clients time to think about how they might implement this new solution and avoid unnecessary costs in developing customised solutions that might soon be standard.

15. What if I'm happy with the current system and don't want to move?

You don't have to, Greentree have shown their willingness to support clients on previous version over a long period of time.