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Aug 18, 2015
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Greentree-Logo-CMYK-300dpi-printWhile mobile devices are constantly at everyone’s fingertips, the usage has been far more for communication and delivery of news than anything else. Back in the day, business mobility meant little more than having remote access to emails, the Internet and (if you were lucky) your database of contacts. But today, companies are discovering increasingly innovative ways for mobility to add real value to their business and to help them deliver a better service to their customers. Empower your Sales team with Greentree4Sale. Everything has been tailored with the active salesperson in mind.

'There’s a change afoot in our industry, a change set to revolutionise how - and where - we use key business software tools.' Chris Miller Managing Director Endeavour Solutions.


Greentree4Sales is revolutionary. Imagine harnessing the functionality and information of Greentree4 and being able to access it seamlessly from your tablet or laptop on the fly, tailored to the way you work.

Look up a customer; find out all the information you have on them in a few taps. Create a quote; track it through the warehouse and dispatch. Check if it’s been invoiced. See who has and hasn’t paid you. When a customer calls, check if what they want is in stock and the available alternatives. See who you’re scheduled to visit that day and anyone you need to chase. And you still haven’t left the car. With Greentree4Sales you can keep on the move - your business system now travels effortlessly with you from desktop to tablet (or laptop) and back again.

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It’s easy to talk about your Sales team ‘going mobile’ but what does it really mean? Greentree Product Engagement Manager, James Brading, wraps up the latest from Greentree4Sales and how your Sales team can use it on the road, with a customer, in a café or even at the office.

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