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Nov 27, 2014
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A lot of work leading up to the event, but we made it. Thank you to all that could make it! Below are a few photos from the main event in Auckland.
There will be more from the Christchurch hand Wellington Client Event coming shortly.

If you missed the Event or want to revisit the launch……

green carpet

Those who attended or tuned in learned that:

Global business change is rocking the foundation of how we work. Now we want it all - technological advancement without disruption; business process without constraints and to work wherever we want, whenever we feel like it.


It's here

“Greentree4 has all the functionality and credibility that we currently deliver in a Windows environment, sitting seamlessly alongside new browser-based capabilities supporting high-resolution graphics, touch frameworks, pluggable applets (e.g. Google Maps), multimedia and more.

“At the same time, anyone with a good understanding of their organisation and work processes and a working knowledge of Greentree will be able to use Greentree4’s design-it-yourself technology. The implications of this are enormous. You get to tailor screens and forms to work exactly the way you want them to, as well as changing colours, terminology, and layout to fit your brand.”

With its ERP software having been available in the Cloud for over a decade, Greentree is enabling customers to run Greentree4 in the Cloud, on-premise or a combination of both. “Our platform mix across JADE and HTML5 is environment and device agnostic,” says Dickinson. “We are looking to give users the greatest flexibility possible and truly future-proof their options. We have a philosophy of building technology to last and this has never been truer than with Greentree4.”

Key features:

  • Users can design their own screens, create forms that mimic how they work and tailor online workspace to fit the way users want it to work.
  • Fully mobile: work anywhere, there’s internet access across multiple devices (desktop, laptop or tablet). Greentree4 opens up a world of new workplaces.
  • Enable as much, or as little, as you want. Greentree4 is fully configurable, enabling you to add capability, user numbers and functionality as you grow.
  • Search anywhere with Greentree4’s global Enterprise Search. This browser-based search engine can be configured to search the way you want it to, on your terms.
  • Log into Greentree4 at any time of day or night. Plus know you’re protected 24/7 with Greentree Secure’s rapid hot-switch data and operational recovery options.
  • Greentree4’s new browser-based interface delivers the very latest user experience, tailored to fit the way you work.greentree4-launch-495x278

“Greentree4 is as much a revolution as it is an evolution.”

Peter Dickinson
Greentree International

Endeavour would like to say congratulation to David Hodge from Mazda, who won a prize and walked away with an Engine Room cookbook!

David win engine room cook book