Mobility: From Robots to Wristbands

May 15, 2015
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In our last mobility blog, we took a look at the weird and wonderful history of information mobility, going right back to the days of faxes and floppy disks. Well now we’d like to take you in a slightly different direction, exploring two very different innovations that are driving new levels of mobile engagement for remote and on-the-go employees.

virtual mobility


Virtual Mobility




In years to come, we may well look back at the 2010’s as the decade when ‘telepresence robots’ made the leap from science fiction to science fact. Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, just imagine your face zipping around the office on your very own, and very-remotely controlled robot! Over the past 5 years, developments in processors and miniaturisation (plus the increasing availability of fast, cheap broadband) have seen the introduction of a number of affordable telepresence robots that are pushing virtual mobility and mobile engagement to whole new levels. Perhaps the most popular example is the sleek ‘Double’ from Double Robotics.

Deeper Interaction

With the appearance of an iPad-headed Segway, the Double provides remote users with full audio, visual and mobile control via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This ingenious robot on wheels, allows users to navigate the office, attend meetings, enjoy impromptu desk-side discussions and generally interact more deeply with office-based colleagues and visiting clients. The Double is already a hit with companies including Google, Coca-Cola, Twitter, and ebay, but it’s not just a luxury nice-have for international businesses.

This unique tool is also proving invaluable in educational and medical settings, where students and surgeons alike, are benefiting from being virtually in-situ, despite their physical distance. And for small independent businesses such as London’s First Light PR agency, the investment in a ‘Double’ is seen as a logical step in their ongoing commitment to flexible working. The Double is all about driving new levels of interaction for remote workers. But over in America, Disney has introduced a new wearable device that’s driving more personal, relevant engagement between on-the-go employees and millions of highly mobile visitors.

Transforming Engagement

This year, Disney finished rolling out its ‘magic’ wristbands, replacing paper tickets and transforming engagement between customer and employee in the process. MagicBands are embedded with sensors that allow visitors to pre-book rides and meals, to provide personal information before their visit - and to swipe onto attractions once they’ve arrived. In turn, this enables Disney to help its staff greet visitors by name, ensure they are looked after appropriately and even adapt their approach to an individual’s preferences. For those visitors that opt-in to share data (and it’s important to note that this is an opt-in scenario), there’s no doubt that MagicBands are creating a smoother more personalised experience.

Information On-The-Go

The information gathered can be used to ensure that the most appropriate Disney character is sent to meet a particular child: or that when a family approaches a Disneyland restaurant, the host (alerted on their smartphone) is at the door to welcome them. Meanwhile, the Kitchen will be preparing their pre-ordered meals, and their server will find them quickly and easily, thanks to the sensors on their wrists. This is information-in-action - gathered from a highly mobile group of consumers and redistributed to employees on-the-go, helping them to quickly tailor their approach and deliver a more personal, engaging experience to their customers.


Better Working Experiences For All

Two very different scenarios with one common theme: technology empowering better working experiences for remote and on-the-go employees. Now it might be a while before you see a Double zipping around the Endeavour offices (although with our Managing Director Chris now in the UK, you never know!). And so far, there are no plans to roll out smart, Endeavour wristbands to our clients.


But if you’d like to find out how our smart software solutions embrace mobility to deliver better-working experiences for all employees - wherever and however they work - then give us a call today  free on 0800 422 272.


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