Nobody goes to the movies anymore

Mar 25, 2013
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But invite them for a Good Coffee and information on a cost effective Business Intelligence Tool and they are there!

Our QlikTalk held in Wellington last Friday was a great success.  With all but one of the attendees turning up, and all those that turned up were interested in finding out more.


We had expert presenters from Australia, Stephan Westmore, with over 12 years experiences in BI, he talked about how things worked B.Q., Before QlikView and how they work now.  He highlighted the significantly improved development and delivery speed of the QlikView in-memory product.  To find out more click the following links; QlikVew in Memory Summary or QlikView in Memory the way we live and work.

David Hodge the Financial Controller of Mazda talked about their implementation of QlikView and the startling before and after differences in reporting and data discovery. He showed how the information looked in their previous system, with stock holdings of vehicles and where they were in the delivery process.  Colour is an important part of the requirements people have when they look at cars and this item variant is used as the summary level of stock holding information.  There was a lot of complex data making it difficult to find out where cars are and any sales trends.  This was then developed in QlikView as floating bar charts and from this we could see how many car's of what variants were; on order, in production , in transit etc... The bar's designed to be the same colour as the vehicles,  allowing users to drill down and see the car model.  For example we can see how many blue Mazda CX-9's were in their stock system and if they were in transit or not.






David White presented the latest on QlikView and what it can offer those who want that extra edge when it comes to data discovery and Business Intelligence.


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