Preparing For Better Analytics

Oct 10, 2016
Written by

From collecting and cleaning - to correcting, consolidating and transforming: if you want to get the greatest possible value from your business analytics, it’s imperative that your data is properly prepared. Until relatively recently, data preparation was the remit of the IT department. But interest in data science and analytics has spread while leading business solutions have become far more accessible, and the data itself has become more complex. So today, there’s increasing desire amongst both technical and non-technical users for faster, easier and more streamlined preparation processes.

In the following infographic, TDWI (leading providers of business intelligence education and research), summarise the findings from their latest Best Practices Report: ‘Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics.’ Discover the most common barriers to improving data preparation. Find out how satisfied businesses really are with the accuracy of their data – and how easily they can find and use it. And learn how much time is actually lost to inefficient data preparation. All in this handy, insightful infographic.