Qlik: Empowering Better Decisions

Aug 14, 2015
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The Buzz About QlikQlik - Analytics the way nature intended

Understand your business in brand new ways with the most user-friendly, visually dynamic and cost-effective business discovery tool available today. Positioned in Gartner’s ‘Leader Quadrant’ for the past four years, and making waves across the business world, it’s highly likely that you’ve already heard the buzz about Qlik. But if you’re thinking it must all be hype, think again!

Don’t Waste Your Data

In today’s connected business landscape, most companies are sitting on vast amounts of data, but very few are benefiting from the potential of that data to reveal valuable insights and information. This untapped data provides a huge opportunity not just to uncover hidden trends, but also to edge ahead of the competition, by optimising decision-making across your business. Because it’s not cold, hard data that drives innovative decision-making, it’s having the ability to find important relationships within that data. Only with these powerful discoveries, will you be able to make decisions that actively advance your business – and Qlik is the only tool that makes that process of discovery so natural and straightforward.

Make Break-Through Discoveries

Qlik takes business intelligence analysis out of the realms of the ‘specialist’ and instead puts associative search and data comparison at the fingertips of ordinary users. With inviting software and a highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface, new users will be comparing different data sets, analysing previously inaccessible data and making new insights and better decisions in a matter of days. Removing the need for complicated methodologies or reliance on data ‘experts’, Qlik makes business intelligence a completely collaborative experience, empowering individuals, teams, and entire departments to make break-through discoveries.

Empower Innovative Thinkingdata discoveries

Fast and low-cost to deploy, and incredibly easy to learn, this is business discovery at it’s very best. Qlik encourages whole new ways of thinking about data – and ultimately enables everyone in your business to make better-informed, more innovative decisions. So don’t just let the buzz pass you by, find out what QlikView is really all about and how it can help your organisation to make better decisions across the board! Register for your free Qlik Whitepaper today, courtesy of your friends at Endeavour.

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