Nov 15, 2012
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Endeavour's six monthly Client Event was Epic!

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch  put in great efforts  and present our recent series of  updates and Client get together. Collectively we had well over 110 people from our clients attending the events and throughout received great feedback from the attendees.

We held the Event differently this time taking it from good to great! With multipile stands and update sessions running, all were involved and  interactive. Thanks to our brilliant presenters in each region and our awesome venues, Nautical theme in Auckland (Orma's Club Lounge) and Wellington (Royal Port Nicholson Yatch Club) in near perfect days were hard to beat, however the Garden City put on a good show at the Tea House in Riccarton.It was a great success,  so much so the barman at one Event had to stay open patiently...thank you!


Greentree, QlikView and Sage showcased many exciting new features

Greentree 1

 Greentree showcased thier new features for 3D Workflow Desktop including:

  • The ability to ‘pop out’ or ‘undock’ a WF Desktop tile, and drag it to another monitor
  • The ability to apply a colour to items on a desktop based on a query (ie: on a Sales Order desktop, highlight in red the orders where the customer is outside the Metro area and therefore requires a different carrier)
  • Dynamic panels – when a customer is selected, the dynamic panels change to show:
  • Their outstanding Sales Orders
  • Their overdue invoices
  • The items they’ve purchased over the last month
  • Dynamic Panels – when a stock item is selected, the dynamic panels change to show
  • Location balances
  • Open PO’s
  • The ability to drag n drop stock lines onto a sales Order

The second section was around Alerts, Approvals and eApprovals.  This just demonstrated the functionality of using rules to decide if an AP Invoice needed approval and sending off the Approval request.  Then we looked at the ability to approve the invoice, either in Greentree or over the Web (eApprovals).

Finally, there was  a very brief overview of WebView.  We showed the different options to search (for example) a customer, then drilling down into that customer to see their balances, open invoices, contacts, open quotes, open Sales Orders, link to Google Maps, ability to be used on a iPad, and the power to bring together information from CRM (contacts, quotes, leads, communications) with information from GT Financials/Distribution (open Sales Orders, outstanding invoices etc).

 test it now!

QR Code

Webview is easy enough for anyone to use. Go to the Greentree Webview demo site  now. To test it with your smart phone  simply scan the QR code.


Greentree 2

Greentree Enhancements for 2012

Including HR and Service information to the Greentree Planner

It is possible to view both Service Requests either in separate planners, or in the same planner on a Workflow desktop.  This makes it possible to see which JC Employees have leave planned when determining who to assign Service Requests to. 

By clicking onto “Review Service Request type colour schemes” in the Display options, Service Request Types can be assigned different colours so they are recognisable on the planner e.g. Pink is for Development

When the Workflow Desk is loaded, the Leave Requests are displayed in white, with the Service Requests in defined colours e.g. pink.  The employees are listed in the order selected for “sort against property”.


Greentree Enhancements 2012

Greentree Apps


Auto-email option from the SO Generate Invoices form

RRP: $100.00 + GST per year  ADD TO CART

This nifty App lets you email invoices directly from the Generated invoices screen in Sales Orders, without having to go to another screen to do it  



Load IN Budgets from Excel

RRP: $150.00 + GST per year  ADD TO CART

Don’t want to key your IN budgets one-by-one? This App lets you load them from Excel using functions just like the Greentree ones to create: GL budgets, GL Journals, etc 


Load IN Budgets from Excel

RRP: $150.00 + GST per year  ADD TO CART

Don’t want to key your IN budgets one-by-one? This App lets you load them from Excel using functions just like the Greentree ones to create: GL budgets, GL Journals, etc


Greentree Object Drill  

RRP: $100.00 + GST per year  ADD TO CART

This little time saver puts a drill icon on the toolbar of every screen in Greentree. Click on to display all other objects related to that object (e.g. the packing slips for an AR Invoice) and drill down to it.


Well, QlikView is a business analytics tool and fits into the traditional category of Business Intelligence Software. Of course it is a little different, which is good as the traditional BI tools can be prohibitively expensive to buy and maintain, and take a long time before you see any results. With QlikView we have built extensive reporting that has made a massive difference to the business inside 2 days!

A major advantage that QlikView has over its competitors is that it works in memory. The reporting and analysis is almost instant, even with massive datasets.

QlikView can be deployed on a single PC, however it’s real strength is enterprise wide analytics where the user can gain the insights that help them make better decisions. QlikView can be deployed over the internet and virtually any mobile device which means that the power of QlikView is available where it is needed most.

Disparate systems with data that needs “fixing” is no problem for QlikView. We can help you to attain dynamic analysis of data from multiple sources that either wasn’t previously possible, or is a currently a massive drain on resources.


1)      It’s going to save you time and effort in your reporting and analysis. Instead of wasting time & effort generating the reporting, you will actually be able to put into action the improvements that you identify.

2)      It’s extremely dynamic. New insights into your business are the rule rather than the exception.

3)      Developing new reports and metrics can be extremely rapid, meaning that you now have the ability to be extremely agile in how and what you need to analyse.

4)      Return on Investment can be amazingly quick. With the ability to analyse your data, you can very quickly spot “exceptions” that are eroding profits, only because you couldn’t “see” them before.


QlikView product tour :


Seeing is believing :


A simple QlikView template that you can play with :



The Sage 300 ERP session showed off some of the new features of the latest release of Sage 300 ERP 2012.

A summary of these included:

  • Additional processing functionality in all modules
  • Enhanced Sage Portal – Web access to Sage 300 ERP
  • Including Enhanced Enquiry function


  • New Business Process Flows

Process flows provide a graphical view of core processes that can be tailored to meet individual requirements. Great for any new staff to help match the processes to there roles.

CRM Enhancements.

A number of new features have also been included in the latest release of Sage CRM. A summary of these included:

  • CRM for iPhones & Tablets
  • Sage E-Marketing for CRM
  • Mail Merge Enhancements
  • Document Attachment Enhancements
  • Quote to Order Enhancements 

Endeavour Client Event.ppt           


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