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Dec 06, 2012
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Familiar Challenges?

  • Spending ages generating financial reports?
  • Can't analyse expenditure by the project?
  • Spend ages in Excel?
  • Systems don't integrate?

Not for profit Organisation's face a number of business system challenges. If you are relying on systems like MYOB, Quickbooks, CBA or Spreadsheets then a lot of manual inefficient processes may exist in the organisation to get the information you require.

This email will look at three key requirements of an  NFP and how Greentree can help.


“We use Excel extensively for reporting so for us, the ability to use the Excel integration for analysing, customising and improving the presentation of our reports is outstanding. Most importantly, Greentree enables us to work strictly within our discretionary funding limit.”

William MacPherson

Taikura Trust



Fundraising, HR & Payroll, Procurement, Budgeting and Asset Maintenance. NFP's need a number if systems to assist in their day-to-day activities and in many cases systems to be manually integrated. If your organisation is stuck with re-keying information between many systems,then valuable time is being wasted.

Greentree is one fully integrated ERP that provides all the modules needed to manage an NFP. It eliminates systems and creates one version of the truth. Greentree is also flexible enough to seamlessly integrate to any existing system in the organisation.


Allocating and tracking expenditure is vital for any NFP. In most cases, expenditure is associated with certain activities or projects, and knowing where Actual VS budget VS Committed cost are at any point in time is helpful. It provides stakeholders with the ability to make the the right decision with accurate information.

Greentree's visibility and analysis of financial transaction improve management practices and decision making. This enables the organisation to stay within funding caps. Project/Job costing easily accommodates unique not-for-profit needs that enable better tracking and monitoring of expenditure.


Generating the varied reports for all stakeholders in the organisation is an activity most NFP's spend time on. For some, it can be a monthly pain which takes too time and effort. If you find yourself spending ages in Excel, sifting through transactions, allocating them to cost centres, totalling lines and then doing it all over again, there is an easier way!

The solution starts with easy cost allocation, then powerful reporting. Greentree allows users to capture the project or cost centres for each transaction. Full Excel integration or Greentree Webview extracts only the most relevant information. Long reports can be condensed into a summary, reducing the time involved from hours to minutes. Income and Expenditure reports for projects or cost centres can be published to the web so stakeholders no longer have to query the finance team for the information

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