Unlocking opportunities in big data

Aug 26, 2014
Written by

 BIG Data


Data has become a key focus for corporate leaders today. It holds the potential to change the way business is done, in the view of nearly nine in ten (87%) of the finance professionals surveyed for this report. Other research highlights that just over half (51%) of corporate leaders now rank big data and analytics as top ten corporate priority. This is a wide shift towards a data-driven era of business, building on the on-going revolution of recent decades.

The volume and variety of data available for analysis are expanding exponentially. Meanwhile, increasingly powerful technologies have emerged to enable more sophisticated data management and analytics. The wealth of data sources available today is almost unlimited and includes call centre recordings, external data feeds, machine-generated data, customers’ social media posts, and a huge amount more. These related trends – popularly summed up by the term ‘big data’ – are combining to enable today’s organisations to unlock new sources of insight and value.

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