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MYOB Greentree clients are always looking for ways to maximise their investment in the solution, to extract more value in terms of improving efficiency. The Approvals & Alerts module within MYOB Greentree is one way to streamline processes, improve communications and ensure good workflow.

In this article we offer some suggestions about how you can apply the module to improve specific process in your business.

Purchase order process

Here’s how a typical purchase order (PO) process can work in MYOB Greentree using Approvals & Alerts module:

  • The module automatically identifies that the PO requires approval, an email is sent to the approver to let them know that there is something waiting to be approved.
  • The approver then accesses the e-approvals browser via the internet and can view / access the purchase order and approve it.
  • An email can also be sent to the next person in the chain to advise that the PO has been approved and can be printed/emailed to the supplier for purchasing.

If you are using workflows within MYOB Greentree, it can be setup to change from one tile to the next. For example, if you have a purchasers workflow, they may see one tile showing all unapproved POs. As the PO is approved, it can be set to automatically move out of the unapproved tile into POs to be emailed/printed, then as it is emailed or printed, it is automatically moved to waiting for delivery.

Applying rules

Rules are a very powerful aspect of the Approvals and Alerts module, able to make staff a lot more efficient in their work practices.

For example, you could be using MYOB Greentree CRM and a regular follow-up is required based on a UDF on the organisation Masterfile. 3D Workflow desktops can be setup with a panel/tile showing the follow-up details. A rule can be set that if no action is taken within a nominated period, then an email is sent to the user reminding the task still needs to be done, and if it still isn’t done, another email is sent with a copy going to the Manager.

Rules work extremely well with Workflow Desks in moving processes from one panel to another based on status, work done and so on.

Other use cases for Approvals & Alerts

  • Sales order receipt confirmation.
  • Despatch confirmation.
  • Purchasing approvals based on values i.e. this group can authorise purchases up to x$, greater than x$ up to y$ is approved by another group.
  • Security issues around bank account changes. For example, if a supplier’s bank account is changed, put the account on hold and send an email notification to another user asking them to authorise the change (or just a notification so they are aware that changes have been made).
  • Payment authorities on invoices if invoices have to be approved for payment by other parties, rules can automatically handle this.
  • Triggering warnings where invoices are generated with lines with zero value or below a margin.
  • Quote approvals based on value.
  • Low inventory collection on a desktop with A&A triggering an update to a workflow tile that shows low stock. (Obviously assists with re-ordering).
  • Preventing users from opening closed Jobs.
  • Issuing an alert/reminder when something is about to expire (e.g. contract dates, certifications of employees, first aid certificates).
  • Send out emails to customers (would be particularly useful where clients have large value invoices), to remind the customer that the invoice is due for payment today.

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