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Dynamics by name, dynamic by nature!

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Considering it’s been around since the swinging sixties, ERP is still doing a great job of dominating boardroom conversations up and down the country – unfortunately, it’s often for all the wrong reasons. At Endeavour, one of the most common refrains we hear from senior managers is that while they love the idea of all the benefits that ERP can bring to their business, the reality of making it happen just sounds too time-consuming, disruptive and complex.

With so many myths surrounding ERP, businesses will often just leave it in the ‘too hard basket’, preferring instead to struggle on with out-dated legacy systems. And while we can’t address all of these myths in one go, we’re going to use this article to bust 3 of the most prevalent, and we’re going to do it using one of Endeavour’s leading ERP software solutions: Microsoft Dynamics AX. (For more information about the equally impressive Greentree ERP, take a look here).


1. Implementation will be a nightmare!

When some people hear the phrase ‘ERP implementation’, they automatically imagine a disruptive process that drags on and on. But while it’s true that properly implementing any new system takes time and effort – it’s also true that with a little expert guidance and the right solution on your side, ERP implementation can be smooth, efficient and more importantly, predictable. Knowing what to expect is a huge part of minimising disruption during implementation. So, at Endeavour, we ensure there are no nasty hidden surprises, giving you the full picture up front, and helping you to accurately plan, manage and resource the process with confidence.

With our help, and with an intuitive solution like Dynamics AX, your people will be working faster, smarter - and using their new system to make more informed decisions before you know it. Dynamics AX has been designed to deliver a great user-experience from the very beginning, and that includes implementation and training. Microsoft has not only created a solution that integrates incredibly smoothly with other systems, they have also succeeded in giving it an easy-to-use interface that will be instantly familiar to any Microsoft user, making training and uptake a breeze. Smooth to integrate, simple to learn and a joy to use, Dynamics AX actively encourages speedy adoption and helps to ensure a smooth and fast implementation process.

2. ERP is an IT department thing!

Many people believe that because ERP is an IT system, it should sit within the IT team. But the belief that ERP systems are only for IT people, is a huge hangover from the days when business software solutions were far less accessible or easy-to-use (and we’ve already talked about how intuitive and user-friendly Dynamics AX is!) Of course, your IT team will have an integral role to play in the implementation of your system. But once implemented, good ERP solutions such as Dynamics AX are designed to actively minimise the need for technical input, and to add real value for ordinary users across your organisation.

With comprehensive capabilities for financial, human resources, and operations management, Dynamics AX gives your people the tools they need to share and collaborate, to make smarter business decisions and to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. But that can only happen if there are input and responsibility across all business functions. Relegating ERP to the IT department is a sure-fire way to stop your newest business asset from living up to its potential

3. Things are changing so fast - it’s safer to wait!

The Cloud, the internet-of-things, big data, information mobility: today’s businesses are constantly bombarded with news of emerging technologies and trends. For some, just keeping abreast of what these trends are is hard enough, but anticipating how they might affect business in the future can feel like an almost impossible task. In this environment, many senior managers are putting off ERP implementation while they ‘wait and see’ how things play out. But the pace of technological change is showing no signs of slowing down – if anything, it’s speeding up. And while some organisations delay taking that ERP leap, their competitors are often leaping ahead.

The thing to remember is that many of today’s powerful ERP solutions have grown up in this tech-forward environment. And some, such as Dynamics AX, are deliberately designed with the future in mind. With a flexible architecture, easy-to-implement updates plus an impressive choice of modules, cloud service opportunities, apps, and add-ons – Dynamics AX is primed to adapt to changing technologies and business needs in the future, while delivering significant benefits today. Microsoft is constantly rolling out exciting releases and updates for Dynamics AX, so the longer you delay, the more you’ll be missing out.









MIcrosoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3


Dynamics by name, dynamic by nature!

This is one ERP system designed to embrace whatever new technological innovations might be around the corner. So don’t fall for the myths, give the team at Endeavour a call. We’ll give you the full picture and work out whether Microsoft Dynamics AX is the right ERP solution for your business. In the meantime, make sure you register for Endeavour’s free industry news and updates – each one is myth-free and full of down-to-earth explanations, overviews, impartial advice and useful insider insights.

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