Greentree Enhancements 2012

Juanessa Abbott
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Greentree Enhancements for 2012

Including HR and Service information to the Greentree Planner

It is possible to view both Service Requests either in separate planners, or in the same planner on a Workflow desktop.  This makes it possible to see which JC Employees have leave planned when determining who to assign Service Requests to. 

Add as a graphic to the web site:

By clicking onto “Review Service Request type colour schemes” in the Display options, Service Request Types can be assigned different colours so they are recognisable on the planner e.g. Pink is for Development.


When the Workflow Desk is loaded, the Leave Requests are displayed in white, with the Service Requests in defined colours e.g. pink.  The employees are listed in the order selected for “sort against property”.


 Greentree Enhancements 2012 



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