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It takes competent supply planning to get products to market at a profit. It takes optimal planning to out-deliver the competition. This means knowing when, where and how to replenish raw materials, schedule production, deploy sales resources, and balance liquidity needs with capital investment. We invite you to a free webinar and software demo to learn the value of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and how a unified cloud platform combines sales, operations and financial planning. In this webinar, you will learn how an integrated IBP for Supply Chain:

  • Matches advanced analytics with intuitive workflow design
  • Fosters communication and tracks actions inputs of diverse users.
  • Forecasts demand, and downstream depletions
  • Measures and helps improve supplier reliability
  • Integrates third-party data to improve forecast accuracy
  • Improves distributor visibility of inventories
  • Coordinates raw material purchasing with production requirements and capacity constraints
  • Shortens lead times
  • Improves fill rates and customer satisfaction
  • Reduces spoilage, contamination, storage time and throughput constraints
  • Manages seasonality, new product launches, and product-line transitions
  • Displays forecasts by account, SKU, customer segment, product segment, and more
  • Adjusts forecasts for known changes such as promotions, new competitors, etc.
  • Creates reports on the fly
  • Supports complete S&OP and IBP processes
  • Adds value to the supply chain



Tim Ryley, CEO of Endeavour.

Tim Ryley has been an Endeavour Director for over 16 years. Highly experienced in implementing business strategy, leadership and management in the field of technology, he ensures that Endeavour is perfectly positioned to deliver the best support, services and solutions to its clients.

Brian Lewis, Ph.D.

Brian is EVP at CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning, which delivers advanced-analytic forecasting and optimisation worldwide through a single, cloud platform for IBP, S&OP, supply chain, and financial management. Brian has more than 10 years of experience in business forecasting and planning, supply chain management, and advanced analytics. He previously held positions at Ford Motor Company, UPS, and Providian Financial. Brian has a Ph.D. in operations research and supply chain analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning


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