Kerrick Blasts Away the Competition

Juanessa Abbott
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Industrial water blaster and vacuum cleaner company Kerrick Industries is footing it with big international names thanks to sound business intelligence…

James Schofield the Managing Director at Kerrick commissioned Endeavour Solutions to upgrade Kerrick’s accounting software to Greentree  and realised the real benefit to adding the Data Discovery tool QlikView.  It's great to have systems that allow you to store transactions and produces accurate accounts, but in the end what you want is a real understanding of current buying patterns, to help you run the business more effectively.

That's what QlikView gave Kerrick, the Cherry on the top!  Endeavour provides QlikView to help clients in taking advantage of all the powerful data they have.  They had data but not information, clients needed a way to access data in a user friendly cost effective way.  Now, QlikView gives Kerrick the opportunity, now its fast and easy for them to see their inventory costing, stock management and sales.

“At a meeting in Sydney the Management Team were haranguing them over a large stock of pumps.  They insisted they still used them, which was true.  However, with the power of QlikView it became obvious that they’d been bought more than two years ago and only one or two were being sold each quarter.”  “The stock was sitting on the shelf, dating and they needed to do something about it.”

With QlikView they realised they could do things better and decided to incorporate the pumps in a newly-designed piece of equipment and avoid having to sell them at a discount. - Clever Business.

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