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From six disparate systems to a single source of truth

How Endeavour helped Axiam Plastics make the move to MYOB Advanced Business

Axiam Plastics is a Whanganui-based manufacturing firm, that specialises in the creation of complex plastic components for companies in New Zealand, Australia, and around the world. Axiam Plastics supports numerous industry sectors such as; Healthcare, Home Maintenance, Safety, Farming, Marine, Electronics and Footwear.

As Axiam Plastics grew beyond the 100-employee mark, the need for a stable, customisable, and scalable ERP system grew to. That’s where MYOB Advanced Business and Endeavour came into the picture. With MYOB’s reputation for quality products and Endeavour’s 30+ years of experience in the field, Axiam Plastics got the help they needed to keep their business moving in the right direction.

Too many disparate systems limited data clarity

Axiam Plastics was experiencing a lack of data clarity. There was some confusion when it came to company finances and important information like the costs associated with production and the price of completed products weren’t always clear. The company was also aware of a disparity in information when it came to what was supposed to be dispatched to their customers and when. Employees were often using five or six pieces of software to process a single customer order and that inefficiency had become a concern.

Based on these concerns, Axiam Plastics Leadership Team decided to investigate options for an integrated ERP system.

The brief provided by the Axiam Plastics Leadership Team was to identify a stable, customisable, scalable, and reportable ERP, that would cater for the manufacturing component of the business and other specific needs. In conducting the search, Grant Dempsey, the Operations Manager at Axiam Plastics came across MYOB Advanced Business, supported by Endeavour. From initial investigations this ERP seemed to cover most of the business needs, Grant says, “I made some inquiries on the website and their sales agent, Paul, got back to me almost straight away. It was probably that that drew me to Endeavour more than anything else.”

MYOB Advanced Business the scalable solution that sealed the deal

Axiam engaged in a scoping discussion with Endeavour and was pleased with the responsiveness and availability of the team. “They engaged well, and the discussions were really in-depth when it came to trying to figure out what we wanted and why,” says Grant.

After further investigations and discussions, Axiam made the decision to migrate to MYOB Advanced Business which included the ERP, Payroll and Workforce Management modules. Aside from MYOB Advanced Business being well-suited to those in the manufacturing industry, it was the scalability of the system and customisation of reporting that sealed the deal, as Axiam had its eyes set on better data and future growth. Other systems the company evaluated simply couldn’t compete as they were better suited to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Overall the migration over to MYOB went smoothly but it wasn’t without its challenges. During the migration process, the team at Axiam discovered the true extent of their old system’s issues. Much of the company’s data was unclear and Axiam needed assistance with transferring this mismatched data over to the new system. Endeavour was present during the process to make the transition as clean as possible. Despite initial data upsets, Axiam was very satisfied with the quality and speed to which the migration went.

Data clarity just the beginning for Axiam Plastics

While some staff are still being educated on the new system, most are now using the MYOB Advanced Business system and find it to be clean and highly adaptable, especially when it comes to the financial side of the business. Grant explains that the clarity of their company’s data has greatly improved since the migration. “Overall, I think the system is in a really good place. We are able to share information with our board now and give them a clear understanding of what we are seeing from a business, production and manufacturing perspective. They're able to ask questions, and we're able to give them clear answers.”

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