Golden Bay Fruit

MYOB Advanced the right pick for Golden Bay Fruit

How Endeavour helped Golden Bay Fruit migrate from a legacy system to MYOB Advanced

Situated at the top of the South Island in the town of Motueka, Golden Bay Fruit is a vertically integrated set of companies who grow, pack and export fruit worldwide. Known as one of New Zealand's largest fruit exporters, Golden Bay Fruit exports their produce to 25 different countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. To handle such high demand and fulfil their tree to table ethos, the organisation employs 300-500 staff seasonally.

A legacy ERP not equipped for scale or growth

Prior to engaging with Endeavour, Golden Bay Fruit used an outdated legacy system with an old style green screen interface. The system was largely reliant on manual data input which proved a continual pain point for the accounting department as it was time sensitive and error prone.

There was no simple way of accounting for foreign currency; invoices needed to be entered manually; it couldn't produce monthly statements; data was stored locally on-premises and required frequent manual backups to ensure data remained secure.

When joining Golden Bay Fruit, Steve Hayden, Finance Manager, immediately noticed the level of department resources required to not only manage the system but perform basic tasks. Having done ERP implementations and migrations in a previous role, Steve sought out a system that was not only able to provide automated solutions to the accounting department but one that was also:

  • Cloud-hosted and secure
  • Scalable to other departments and companies within the organisation
  • Cost-effective and simple to implement

The new system also needed to accommodate:

  • Third-party application integrations
  • A large customer and partner base
  • The accounting department's specific pain points

MYOB Advanced and Endeavour the perfect pear

After researching other ERP systems, Golden Bay Fruit settled on MYOB Advanced as it could offer modules that met their needs now and into the future.

After selecting MYOB Advanced, Golden Bay Fruit chose Endeavour as their migration partner as we came recommended by MYOB, proved our competence in the MYOB Advanced solution, and could deliver the project to Golden Bay Fruit's budget and time constraints.

"Endeavour were a really good fit for us. We felt that they understood our culture and were able to work efficiently within our budget and timeframe," says Steve.

After the initial discovery workshop sessions with Endeavour, Golden Bay Fruit opted to stagger their MYOB Advanced migration into stages to accommodate their scale of operations and end of financial year (31 December). The first phase involved migrating the export arm of their organisation on January 1, 2020, with the second phase of migrating their packhouse arm following suit exactly one year later.

Great results right down to the core

MYOB Advanced has boasted a great return for Golden Bay Fruit. Overall they have been able to streamline administrative tasks and reduce the amount of time and cost spent manually inputting accounting data.

"One of the major benefits has been the efficiencies that we've been able to create within the company," says Steve. "We haven't had to employ another person in the accounting team. We've managed to get rid of all the manual input of invoices and bank statements using technology… It has paid itself off in less than a year."

On a granular level, MYOB Advanced has catered to the unique user specific needs of Golden Bay Fruit with its foreign accounting features, Power BI and its Excel reporting add-ons. In addition to this, its third-party integration capabilities have allowed the group to partner with other service providers to automate their accounts payable invoices.

Finding success throughout their accounting processes, Golden Bay Fruit is looking to the future. Steve says, "As an ERP, MYOB Advanced has other modules that we can add on to our business, rather than just the basic accounting function. The main one that we'll be implementing within the next year or so is payroll, and this might be followed by the HR system and then, the sales inventory system."

To the partnership with Endeavour, Steve says, "They're always there when you need them. The phone always gets answered. The questions always get answered, and the relationship is strong going forward."

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