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Business Benefits

  • Qlikview for Greentree’s drill-down capability enables deep analysis of data making it easier to review margins & pricing and identify sales trends.
  • Qlikview for Greentree’s makes it easier to uncover anomalies within data sets.
  • High availability of data – dynamic as opposed to static nature of data allows high accessibility.
  • Business Intelligence garnered from multiple views of data.
  • Preparation of Consolidated accounts reduced from 3 weeks to 10 days.
  • Workflow efficiency gains in terms of reduced account preparation and reporting time circumvent the need to replace senior accounting staff.
  • Qlikview for Greentree’s leveraged as a strategic tool to identify possibilities and guide the direction of future growth.


The Business Situation

EasiYo is the market leader in make-it-yourself yogurt and exports more than half its product range worldwide. This being the case, the need to garner valuable insights from geographical and demographic data and predict sales trends is vital.

The faithful but outmoded CBA system was struggling with business demand for more sophisticated reporting and analysis when the decision was made to migrate to Greentree. David Granger, General Manager for EasiYo says that the incumbent system had become a bit of a barrier to growth.

The Endeavour Difference: Smooth, Stress-Free Implementation

David could not say enough about the support given by Endeavour, the Greentree partner, during the implentation process and was pleasantly surprised by the smooth, stress-free transition. “Implementing a new system can be a challenging undertaking, but Endeavour’s expert team involved us in the process and ensured we had a clear view of what was happening. They did exactly what they said they would, and kept us in the loop. Now they are helping us to use Greentree to its full potential.”

Smart Drilling And Squeezing Business Intelligence From “Odd” Data

Qlikview for Greentree sits within the integrated Greentree solution suite providing compelling business intelligence tool. David concedes that although he was confident Qlikview for Greentree would enable deeper analysis, he didn’t become fully aware of the tool’s real potential until he started using it for analysing all manner of company sales trends. “The real value is in the dynamic as opposed to the static nature of the data – it is entirely accessible all the time.”

He further explains how “Qlikview for Greentree enables me to slice, dice and filter data to discover for example, why there’s been a 5% movement up or down in a particular product category” which may be simply because supermarket staff physically moved the product to another location or shelf height. “Furthermore, with dairy prices spiraling worldwide, the need to constantly review margins, pricing and sales trends become enormously important.”

ROI Already Visible

Greentree’s integrated environment has had a flow-on affect in terms of several tasks such as preparing the consolidated company accounts which used to take 3 weeks but now takes 10 days. Budgeting and Reporting are far less time-consuming and the sophistication of analysis tools such as Qlikview for Greentree requires less hands-on involvement. In fact, David says that when a senior financial accounting staff member left, a replacement wasn’t sought.

A World Of Possibilities

When confronted with sales data from geographically distant consumers and the supermarket buying patterns of multiple continents, the need to make sense of it all could be all-consuming in terms of time, tools and expertise. With ongoing support from Endeavour, EasiYo has utilised Qlikview for Greentree as a strategic tool for uncovering trends, anomalies and most importantly possibilities and opportunities. David has no doubt that the solution will continue to keep business growth live, well into the future.

Success Story Summary

              Challenge >

With product sales spanning multiple countries, EasiYo required an integrated business environment with sophisticated analysis and reporting capability to guide the strategic direction of the business.

              Solution >

Greentree Business Management Suite, Bill of Materials, Job Cost, Inventory and Qlikview for Greentree.

              Outcome >

Endeavour’s expertise allowed seamless implementation. Greentree provided the integrated environment whilst Qlikview for Greentree enables deep analysis and reporting of live data. Work flow efficiency improvements reduce accounting overhead. Management now has the Business Intelligence required to guide the strategic direction of the business.[rd_line color="#a8a8a8"]

About EasiYo

EasiYo Products Ltd is a New Zealand owned company and the market leader in the home-made yogurt industry. EasiYo Products Ltd owns the unique Yogurt Making System which is distributed worldwide via its branches and distributor network channels. All EasiYo products are manufactured in New Zealand.

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