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RTL are leading the way to better Data Discovery

RTL have a number of companies with different functional processes ranging from Manufacturing to managing projects out on the road. They were running a number of different systems and processes to keep each business unit running optimally.

Bringing data together for reporting was time consuming and manual. They wanted a better way to get faster reporting and be able to forecast sales and improve stock management. Each of these required unique and detailed ways of getting things done. They didn’t want to change the company to fit the system they wanted a flexible system that would take data from a number of places and ensure that it was providing accurate reporting for management.

Leading supplier of Road Signs and Traffic Safety Equipment to the New Zealand market for more than 25 years. They produce a number of products which include; Temporary Warning, Road marking systems, Traffic control, Heavy Haulage, Car parking solutions and Traffic Management Hire. Head Office and Manufacturing in Auckland, Distribution facilities in; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill. Employing 65 people.

The Challenge

  • We were unable to drill down to look at details, therefore not able to confirm critical figures were accurate and reconciled.
  • Customers sought out the competition if we were late for product delivery.
  • The requirement to negotiate better, raw materials purchase pricing and the need for detailed related information.

The Solution

  • QlikView was delivered to Finance and IT to develop and distribute.
  • QilkView documents were designed for analysis/discovery of sales and month by month demand information.
  • QlikView reports written for sales representative's to show how well they have done against the budget. The budget can be viewed by product category and customer.
  • Warehouse valuation and order delivery & lead time performance reporting are available at the touch of a button.

The Benefit

  • Performance reporting now available for the sales team, allowing identification of campaign gaps.
    Information is provided at the click of a button!
  • Sales history comparisons were now available, allowing quick identification of problem areas. So decisions could be made on the amount of stack to carry and for how long.
  • Working in a competitive environment, KPI's now exist for order delivery times and to ensure high standards are met.

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