Endeavour doubles up on MYOB Platinum status

Tim Ryley
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It's been a great start to the year for us here at Endeavour. Not only have we retained our Platinum Partner status with MYOB Greentree, we've achieved Platinum Partner status for MYOB Advanced for 2021 for the first time. In fact, we are the only MYOB ERP Business Partner in New Zealand that has achieved Platinum Partner status for both MYOB Greentree and MYOB Advanced for 2021, and we're very proud of this success.

"I'd particularly like to acknowledge the success of Endeavour’s MYOB Advanced practice in 2020," says John Wilkings, MYOB Channel Sales Manager. "The decisions they made to invest in their team to grow their practice have yielded tremendous results in 2020."

Platinum status requires excellence across our entire business, including sales results, support and customer advocacy. “It’s not an easy thing to achieve,” John continues. “Endeavour’s success in maintaining their Platinum status for Greentree while going on to attain the same for Advanced is clear evidence of their expertise and customer commitment.”

"Achieving Advanced platinum partner and continuing to maintain the same for Greentree illustrates the capability Endeavour has to ensure our clients maximise their return and success from their ERP solutions," says Endeavour’s CEO, Tim Ryley. "Our team have deep experience and we have invested in training and upskilling and platinum partner status acknowledges this and gives our clients confidence we are the right partner for them."

Attaining Platinum Partner status for both Greentree and Advanced underscores our commitment to our clients, and our understanding of the need to have the right people in place to understand their business, communicate clearly and honestly, and take responsibility for getting a great result. It's something we've been doing for over 30 years!

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