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Leading cloud-based ERP solution MYOB Advanced Field Service module helps streamline workflows in the field

100% mobile, ERP program MYOB Advanced ties together your administration and operational staff to work in a single cohesive enterprise grade program capable of delivering increased efficiency and effectiveness. In this article we explore how your operational staff can utilise MYOB Advanced Field Service module to be more productive and how your business can be best positioned to increase profits post Covid-19 restrictions by using this technology..

For many businesses that offer a service with a mobile, in-field component, keeping workflows and processes running smoothly and efficiently often presents a challenge. Not only that, but for technicians, engineers and managers, accessing timely information can sometimes be difficult when an organisation has multiple systems operating - one for finance, another for asset management, yet another for field services - and the combination mean that staff across the organisation can't get information when they need it, as they're always waiting for the systems to be updated.

Traditional business systems are often in-house, or are hosted in the cloud and require additional hosting fees, which means they aren't always accessible in the field, and are not always compatible with mobile technology like tablets and smartphones. They also require a staff member to be on-site to access information. The lack of mobility and flexibility impacts on the efficiency of field teams.

Meeting the challenges presented by traditional, separate, in-house systems can impact on customer service. And maintaining a sustainable balance sheet in the years to come can be best achieved if managers can see the company’s financial position instantly. If a business doesn't have timely access to the information they need, or mistakes have been made in invoicing due to manual processes, this can cause reputational damage. 

Whether you have employees out of the office as a key part of their role, or in the office managing the workforce, it's important to ensure that they all have the tools they need to not only get their job done safely, but that they can also collaborate with other departments using a single source of truth.

Supporting field services

MYOB Advanced recently released a new module that offers an operational aspect to the solution - Field Services. It's not an add-on or something that businesses have to pay extra for; it's now part of the MYOB Advanced package, all field service transactions will update the general ledger and can be reported on instantly. The whole system is easy to use on any device, anywhere, anytime. It is a field service management solution that delivers a complete set of functionality supporting your operations and employees working in the field. It streamlines processes and uses automation to reduce response times and costs, resulting in increased revenues and customer satisfaction - and a boost in a business's competitive advantage. Its features include:

  • Service management - a Visual Calendar Board, the ability to swiftly capture service jobs and track resource appointments, voice dictation for field use, and configurable dashboards that ensure visibility over all service operations
  • Equipment management – track equipment location, maintain details of serviceable equipment and products and vehicle fleet. Manage warranties, service contracts, service level agreements, customer invoicing, define schedules for preventative maintenance service order, and the ability to access equipment information and service history anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Warranty tracking - this can be done by models of equipment, to prevent needless customer invoicing parts and labour when the work is covered under warranty
  • Route Management – GPS technology to track your staff location and graphically view appointments and history of routes travelled
  • Safe and secure 2 factor authentication gives controlled access to only your employees. Built in document management system and business notifications allows staff access to important documents and receive last-minute notifications instantly
  • Mobile service management - keep teams connected through any browser-enabled device or using the native mobile Android and Apple iOS app

The addition of the Field Services module to MYOB Advanced means that information across the organisation is all captured in one place, and instantly available to staff when they need it. When someone in the field creates a financial transaction, staff in Finance can see it straight away - they don't have to wait until a separate system is manually updated to access that information. Not only that, but Fixed Assets and Project Accounting modules in Advanced are fully integrated with the Field Services module, meaning staff in other departments can collaborate more efficiently and share information.


What will this do for your business?

Why do organisations deploy field service solutions? In addition to meeting the challenges described above, the implementation of a field service module means businesses can achieve a range of benefits, including:

  • Faster response time to receive, acknowledge and resolve customer needs
  • A lower cost of service to resolve customer tasks
  • The increase of output capacity for service teams, by removing administration time and allowing them to achieve more productive work output in the same amount of time
  • A reduction in the timeline of job request to invoice, resulting in improved business cashflow
  • Use the latest MYOB automation technology to processes actions by its self, removing staff involvement
  • The ability to provide customers portal which allows them to log their own jobs, as well as providing visibility on invoice and statement documents. They can see the progress on their jobs, which reduces the number of queries. What this means is a better customer experience, differentiating from competitors that can’t do this
  • Increase employees (service technicians) job satisfaction with efficient, modern tools that help them work more effectively and learn modern business practices

Because MYOB Advanced is cloud-based and fully online, the Field Service module can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any internet-connected device. This makes working in the field a great deal more efficient and productive, and the Field Services module means that workflows and processes are streamlined, with enhanced communication between departments.


Most importantly, the addition of the Field Services module means that because businesses can increase efficiency and accuracy, they will enhance their customer service levels, accelerating growth. We have implemented MYOB Advanced for single entity to multi-national organisations, and have highly skilled staff to help assess your requirements.


If you've got staff in the field and you're keen to enhance their efficiency and collaboration with office teams, get in touch and we'll assess your requirements and can provide a demonstration of the Field Services module.

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