Practical ways to apply automation to your business with MYOB Advanced ERP

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You experience the benefits of automation on a regular basis and in various forms. Automation is everywhere - from automated sprinkler systems to bill payments to coffee machines. Then there is the more futuristic driverless vehicles and drones doing all sorts of delivery task. ‘AI’ is the hype in the business world, and something MYOB has in their product roadmaps

The elimination of repetitive tasks in the workplace can provide massive gains in productivity, accuracy, employee engagement and return on investment. Automating redundant tasks frees up valuable time for employees to focus on high value work.

But how can you take advantage of automation in a practical way in your business today?

With cloud-based ERP solution MYOB Advanced, you can streamline tasks across multiple departments in your organisation. In this blog, I’ll explore the benefits of automating tasks and how your business can leverage automation with MYOB Advanced.

Sales and Marketing

Collaboration is a key to success for sales and marketing teams. MYOB Advanced enables collaboration by automatically bringing all your information in one place to align your sales and marketing efforts. With the opportunity and pipeline management feature in MYOB Advanced, sales and marketing teams can improve efficiency and effectiveness through automated lead assignment and workflow notifications.


Finance teams and businesses as a whole rely on accurate financial reports, but errors often occur and cause negative implication. The process of locating and correcting errors is both time consuming and tedious. MYOB Advanced General Ledger functionality automatically collects and reports on all accounting transactions – therefore, reducing reporting errors. Furthermore, MYOB Advanced General Ledger provides the ability to define rules for your balances based on percentages, quantities, statistical data. The General Ledger also includes a feature for reverse and auto-reverse entries. Reverse your transactions with one simple click and set the reversing entries to automatically generate when the financial period ends.

Customer Service

Modern customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to customer experience and service. Improve your customer service efficiency through MYOB Advanced customer self-service portal. The self-service portal gives your customers access to support cases, account information, order status tracking, invoices, historical documents and transactions as well as due dates, and amounts due. The self-service portal removes the need for customers to contact support with repetitive questions and requests.

Inventory and Distribution Management

Having the right amount of stock at the right time is vital to the success of supply chains. MYOB Advanced features a powerful inventory management tool that can improve your distribution efficiency with serial and batch tracking, warehouse bin and picking management and automated replenishments. MYOB Advanced can be set up to automatically use stock level and inventory replenishment algorithms to generate purchase orders as needed. Receipts and payment vouchers can also be created automatically whenever goods are delivered.

Automation is shaping the future of the modern workplace and a cloud-based ERP like MYOB Advanced makes it easier than ever to implement these labour-saving strategies in your business. MYOB Advanced is offered through straightforward monthly pricing plans providing a low barrier to enter and the ability to scale your ERP solution with your business.

Get in touch with an Endeavour Consultant to learn more about MYOB Advanced pricing, features and find a plan that suits your business. If you are considering your cloud-strategy, and how cloud ERP fits in, download our guide.

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