CIO's Embracing New Technology

Jun 19, 2015
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Safely Embracing Innovation

Last week saw over 550 CIOs and senior IT executives gather together for the annual CIO Summit at Sky City in Auckland. And as sponsors, Endeavour was delighted to be a part of this leading Australasian event. A warm thank you to everyone that stopped by the Endeavour stand, and for those of you that couldn’t attend, you can watch videos of some of the keynote speaker highlights here. One of the key themes of this year’s summit was the changing role of CIOs, with many speakers exploring the evolution of the role from ‘managers of technology’ to true business innovators: and at Endeavour, we couldn’t agree more.

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Digital Innovation

Digital technologies have already transformed the way individuals live and work, and now they are fundamentally changing how businesses operate and engage with their customers. There is widespread acknowledgement amongst business leaders that digital technologies such as mobile, big data/analytics, web-based software and the cloud, can be powerful business enablers. And as organisations increasingly seek to embrace these new technological innovations, CIO’s are facing a huge opportunity to step into the spotlight and start driving digital strategy – but where do you start.

Data Security

Managing any technological change can be challenging, and as a CIO you’re likely to have given great thought to the potential disruption, training downtime and costs associated with introducing new software. And when that software also incorporates accessibility via new platforms and digital devices, it’s natural to have additional questions about data security. These are all understandable concerns, but when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), they are concerns that Endeavour can help you lay to rest.


Driving Business Forward

As a CIO, the right BI or ERP system can be the key to helping you drive your business forward. And at Endeavour, we’ve selected three of the most trusted and successful BI and ERP products on the market: leading ERP solutions Greentree4 and Microsoft Dynamics AX  - and the equally impressive BI tool, QlikView:Next. With intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, these globally successful solutions are cost-effective, fast-to-learn and incredibly speedy to implement. Moreover, the teams behind each product are already addressing and successfully managing security issues, enabling thousands of businesses to safely and effectively get the most out of their connected devices.

Empowering Better Business

Tell us about your business, and we’ll work out whether Greentree4, Microsoft Dynamics AX or QlikView:Next are right for you. Combining the best of innovation, with all the security and trust of well-established market leaders, these are powerful and sustainable business tools. Between them, they can help you increase efficiency, optimise processes, securely empower people to work how and where they want – and put intuitive business intelligence discovery at the fingertips of people across your company. Each has its own unique benefits, but all three are designed to empower better business today, and to evolve with the changing demands of your customers, your people and your business, tomorrow.


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Juanessa Abbott, Marketing Manager

A highly influential and creative marketer, Juanessa is the talent behind Endeavour’s marketing initiatives. With her excellent branding, social media and communication skills, she thrives on cutting through the clutter to get the real message across.