Ryman's Phenomenal Growth Secrets Revealed

Feb 19, 2014
Written by

Simon Challies Ryman Healthcare

Ryman Healthcare is a leader in the aged care industry, offering the full scope of care including independent town houses or apartments, serviced apartments, rest home, hospital and dementia care. Ryman is the envy of other businesses in the industry. It’s a record-breaker on the Stock Exchange, recording 11 straight years of profit growth.

Not only does it operate retirement villages – it builds them as well. “We became a construction company because one of our founders worked out that building the villages ourselves would be quicker, better and more cost-effective,” says CEO Simon Challies, whose leadership qualities were recognised in toe 2013 INFINZ Awards.

ERP Leaks went with Simon on a tour of Ryman’s latest – and biggest – construction project, where he explained just how the company has achieved its remarkable success - watch the video.