Another Successful Implementation from Endeavour

Sep 22, 2011
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MediaWorks encompasses the TV channels TV3 and FOUR, plus over 30 radio stations, with a total staff level of approximately 1,400. Recently they implemented Greentree in the TV businesses as part of the CBA Upgrade Plan.  The first stage of the project included the core financial modules, plus integrated Fixed Assets and Alerts & Approvals. So far, it has been hugely successful, coming in on time and under budget!   Alerts and Approvals are currently being used to control new customer creation and monitor changes to various master file records.

Over the next 3 months we will be rolling out eRequisitions and eApprovals to over 70 users nationwide. This will be a huge undertaking which will allow MediaWorks to monitor and control Purchase Orders through a combination of Advanced Security and Greentree Approvals.  This second phase includes a number of customisations to maximize the flexibility of the Requisition>Purchase Order>AP Invoice process.

The main Media Works office building for TV 3, C4 and FOUR. Flower Street, Auckland city. 20 November 2011 New Zealand Herald Photograph by Sarah Ivey The main Media Works office building for TV 3, C4 and FOUR. Flower Street, Auckland city. 20 November 2011 New Zealand Herald Photograph by Sarah Ivey

MediaWorks are focused on analysing and controlling costs to improve profitability.  To this end, they implemented an extra level of analysis and reporting above the GL, through Transaction Analysis.  Purchase Orders is a key area in which MediaWorks are looking for Greentree to provide both control and flexibility. The control and reporting are required to further analyse costs, but enough flexibility is required to ensure (for example) that the 3News staff can gain access to goods and services they need outside of office hours.  They also use e-Requisitions so that a user can raise a Requisition from a web page. Interfaces with other systems were also setup, for example, the automation of import of staff expenses from MS Excel, and AR Invoices from the Advertising Booking system.

It is very useful when receiving AP invoices that contain lines for more than one company, to be able to create an Inter-company transaction. This transaction specifies which GL accounts will receive balancing/clearing entries for inter-company transactions. The Consolidations for GL accounts in each of the source companies are ‘pointed at’ a destination in a Consolidation company. There was a real flexibility here with the ability to have one-to-one or many-to-one mappings.  This speeds up the monthly recharge process as all entries are recorded automatically.

With a focus on creating more efficiency in the organization MediaWorks also took up Greentree Autoscan, so that AP Invoices (and other objects) can be scanned in bulk, and automatically have each scanned image attached to its corresponding Greentree record.  This makes approval much easier for users as they can view the original document. Filing of invoices and retaining for tax purposes were also discontinued as the IRD has signed off on soft copy filing for tax purposes.
To remove the time-consuming reporting that needed to be done from the old system generally via excel, Alerts and Business Process Management (BPM) was added to help MediaWorks manage by exception.  For example, an alert is generated when a purchase order is raised that will put a GL account above 75% of the months budget.  BPM automated of the review and approval process needed when a new customer is created.

This includes emailing alerts to the sales person responsible for the customer advising them when the work has been completed and the new account is active.

The success of this project to date can be directly attributed to the time and effort put in by the Project Team at MediaWorks. This started with an in-depth analysis and comprehensive review of and discussion around the Statement of Work (provided by Endeavour before the project started). Success also came down to strict adherence to project deadlines, as well as the provision of high-quality data for uploading into Greentree – and most importantly, a “no problem – can do” attitude!  When timelines became compromised it was important to gauge which elements were critical and which could wait or be de-specced to achieve a similar outcome.

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