Warehouse Bin management (WBM) – Now Out of Beta!

Sep 08, 2011
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Greentree Warehouse Bin Management will allow you to setup and use Bins within the warehouse without effecting the sales or purchase orders.


  • Automated bin selection for put-away, replenishment and picking
  • Handheld mobility option for picking, receiving, put-away and replenishment
  • Ability to sell in expiry date order
  • Ability to sell the oldest first
  • Cross docking
  • Stock takes
  • Seamless for data-entry users

This is a sub module of inventory and allows for streamlining and automation of the warehouse operations including picking, packing and shipping. WBM adds a multi-layered location system to the current location structure or bin locations beneath the stocking location. This provides greater detail and more precision managing stock in the warehouse. This logical representation can now include; gated areas, bulk storage, pick face, cross docking (SO-PO link items) direct shipping, receiving area (check prior to put away), and packing area. These would be setup as different bin types or zones. The creation of storage profiles are stored against an inventory item so that the system knows how to manage and store the item, throughout its life in the warehouse.








Use WBM to automate and accelerate the receiving process by clearly identifying inventory, and improving the order tracking capability. When receiving inventory, it is checked and pre-processed and put-away. This would usually be a new location in a bulk story area. WBM will use the user configurable put away rules created for each item to optimize storage capacity and ensure that product handling requirements are followed.


A put-away sheet or Greentree mobile device will direct the warehouse person to put the item in the correct location, in a way that minimizes the time they walk around the warehouse. Replenishment in the WBM system will be an intra-warehouse movement, moving an item from a bulk storage area to the picking face. This is done via minimums and maximums. When picking an order, WBM will logically sort the bins based on optimal picking path.







As all these processes are taking place, Greentree will be updated instantly so that anyone looking at Greentree can see a live picture of what is happening with an order.